The Kroc Cast: Peace Studies Conversations

Peace Policy Spotlight: The Continuing Challenge of Sanctions Policy Reform

December 1, 2021

Professor George Lopez, the Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., Professor Emeritus of Peace Studies at the Kroc Institute, sits down with the authors of the articles appearing in the December 2021 issue of "Peace Policy" focused on sanctions policy reform in three distinct contexts: Iran, Syria, and Venezuela.

Guests include Esfandyar Batmanhelidj, Founder and CEO of the Bourse & Bazaar Foundation; Francisco Rodríguez, the 2021-22 International Affairs Fellow in International Economics at the Council for Foreign Relations and Director of Oil for Venezuela; and Annie Charif, program associate with The Carter Center’s Conflict Resolution Program and Syria project team.

On December 6, you can read all articles in this issue at You can also attend a virtual event on Dec. 6 aimed at discussing the humanitarian impact of sanctions. Learn more and register to attend at

You can also explore more work from the Sanctions and Security Project at

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